Spark Wine Company Introductions

It’s been an interesting journey… My wife and I started making wine 5 to 6 gallons at a time. Who would have believed that we would eventually start a winery? I still remember the first ferment. The anxiety — did we do everything right? The anticipation — when will our wine be ready? Many batches later we are working with much larger quantities, the highest quality ingredients and couldn’t be more excited to share them with you!

We are in the process of standing up our website — where you will be able to order all of our wines. Please bear with us while we get everything completed.

We have our first wine available for sale and we have two more following in the coming weeks. Below are the labels — give them a look and please reach out to us with feedback.

We hope you love the labels and we know you’ll love the wine!

Spark Wine Company is committed to making affordable, accessible wines for the masses. Our wines are fun, enjoyable, affordably priced and often times sweet! They will pair perfectly with all of your everyday occasions.

Give us a try — I promise you won’t be disappointed.